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Outbound Marketing

WoodBuffalo Design is here to help you navigate and coordinate a marketing campaign that extends beyond your customers screens. Our team has partnered with various providers to get you the best deals on things like billboard advertising, large printed banners, even bus & radio ads in your territory. Combining a smart outbound marketing campaign with a strategic digital marketing campaign will help brand recognition and help boost revenue.

Buffalo Chip Beacons

We're now offering "Buffalo Chips" Proximity marketing beacons! These button sized chips are programmed with a short message of your choosing, and a link to a deal or promotion you're offering. They can be placed almost anywhere - and when somebody with a compatible smartphone comes into range - they'll get a notification on their phone sending them right to you. Use them to draw in foot traffic to your restaurant. Put one on your service trucks. Anywhere you can imagine, you can probably put a beacon on it!

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is becoming increasingly important for local and online businesses alike. You need a way to be able to reach out to potential customers online and we offer multiple ways to get your customers attention on Twitter, Instagram, and of course - Facebook. We can offer you hyper-targeted ads to ensure you maximize your ad budget. Why market your steakhouse to vegans? Show your Ads only to those who are most likely to buy your products and services. Sales Funnels are a great resource to take advantage of as well. Show your customers why they should use your products, and then give them and easy way to buy or make contact.

Restaurant Specialty Services

We offer a new service you're going to want to take advantage of in the restaurant business - Online ordering and POS systems. We take your existing menu and convert it to a digital online menu. We supply the software, set up the online menu and payment gateway, and can even integrate it into your existing website. We then supply you with a tablet that all of your online orders come in through with all the required info. We also offer touch based POS & inventory systems.

Image, Audio & Video Production.

Everything you need to show the world a comprehensive brand identity. Creating a brand identity is no small feat - especially ensuring that it is well represented across mediums. Our main designers handle the branding for your project and oversee every aspect of production. We can create comprehensive campaigns for print, digital marketing, video production and even radio ads & jingles. If you have existing branding - even better. We take care to match, and embellish your previous designs and incorporate it into your new projects.

Print Materials

WoodBuffalo Design has a strong background in print and can offer you top quality print products at competitive prices. Take your marketing campaign Off-Line! we offer premium quality business cards, brochures, flyers and all the things you would expect from your local print shop - in addition to vinyl banners, coroplast signage and even promotional items.
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What our clients say

We"ve been in business since 1965 and I"ve never use social media in the past, but times are changing and the people at Woodbuffalo design for an amazing help to get us up and running quickly.


Don"s Power Vac

Don's Power Vac

We recently purchased this business and used Woodbuffalo to create us social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and a sales funnel. The results have been awesome.

Black Bull Steak & Pizza

Black Bull Steak & Pizza

Black Bull Steak & Pizza

Woodbuffalo design has been handling our social media and sales finals for the last six months with incredible immediate results.

Home Pros Group

Home Pros Group

Home Pros Group

We just started using Woodbuffalo design in the past 30 days but I"ve already noticed and experience new clients using their LinkedIn social media services.




Our Employees

Keith Wick

Keith Wick

General Manager

Keith is the general manager here at Wood Buffalo Design. He develops the majority of the strategies we use to promote your business, and is always looking for new and unique marketing opportunities for our clients.

Matt Morriscey

Matt Morriscey

Media Manager

Matt Morriscey is the Media Manager. He develops the style and branding used in our projects. A tinkerer and computer hobbyist, Matt has a strong knowledge in many areas of hardware, software and technology in general.

Josh Mudryk

Josh Mudryk


Josh is the newest addition here at Wood Buffalo Design and joins us as a client manager, ensuring that each client has a tailored marketing campaign for their industry.

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We use collected data to really stretch your advertising budget. Very very few products are universally appealing so to get the most out of your money you should find out who is most likely to buy your product. Say you have a steakhouse restaurant and you want to really put a push on to drive new traffic. Rather than advertising to EVERYONE about your "birthday beer flight" promotion you can target your most likely customers. If less than one percent of people are likely to click on your ad then why bother advertising to the other 99% of people? A sample breakdown on the right shows how you can 'hyper-target" ads and see a much greater return than other types of advertising and media.
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A message from our manager

We look forward to taking your social media marketing to the next level. We're here to help small businesses and startups get the word out about their product or service. We look forward to working with you to maximize your advertising Return on Investment.
Keith Wick