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The Internet today is the most trusted and relied on source for information in all of human history. More than 90% of all businesses in North America are represented on the Internet. The goal for every business today should be to get their listing on the first page of Google when a potential customer searches something relevant to their business. This is why Search Engine Optimization services are an essential and critical tool that is required for every company's growth. Even businesses that traditionally don't operate online are expected to have an online presence for information.

You need to have a web presence - and really, what's the point of a web presence if nobody can find it?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is simply methods of optimization that are used to increase the traffic and ranking of a website in organic search. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing use "spiders" to crawl the Internet using their algorithmic programs to find your website and include it in their search results. The spiders are searching for relevant content compared to the keywords and search terms that the consumer is looking for, so it is of the up most importance that your website is focused around these keywords and search terms. It is our goal at wood Buffalo design to bring relevant searches and your potential consumer together.

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Optimization Evaluation

Our team of SEO experts first evaluate what type of consumer you are trying to focus on and The most important search phrases and keywords that you want to rank for. Performing market research on your industry helps us figure out the search phrases in keywords that are being used most often and what your competition is using. From here we can determine the most relevant search phrases that should be included in your SEO strategy.

Good SEO starts with a code clean website, so we will analyze your current website or build you a new one making sure that the architecture is easily accessible to the search engines spiders. We then have professional writers create content with the right search phrase and keyword density, we build your meta tags, and back links. This ensures that there is a wide variety of relevant information available for the search engines to index. 

During your SEO strategy we will prepare a link building plan that uses search phrases and keywords that are important to your industry and will help you achieve a higher ranking. We will also include longtail keywords and variations in your back links, this provides balance and keyword density that is critical in SEO ranking. 

Search Engine Trust

SEO relevant content

Search engine's first and foremost require relevance and trust. No search engine is simply going to rank your website just because you put it online, you need to encourage it to include you in its algorithmic search results. There are many companies the promise results in your days, beware, don't take shortcuts, it will reduce your results, and potentially have your website unlisted. 

Remember your website should be built around the focus of relevance to the searchers inquiry. Making sure that your site probably uses targeted search phrases and keywords on each page will tell the "spiders" what the page is all about. The algorithmic properties of the search engine then go to work to see if your site is trustworthy or not, they do this by the quality of the pages that are linking to your website. 

It is the goal of our SEO experts to help you build and grow your website traffic by optimizing it with the proper keywords and search phrases used in your industry will adding valuable, quality links.  Once We've built up the quality of your pages, strengthened them with keywords and links, we move on to speed optimizations. Have a look at your Page Speed. If your speed rating is lower than 90 / 100 - there's a chance your site is being penalized in rankings for it. We optimize the site for speed, compressing images, using a cache, and disabling scripts where they're not needed.

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