Image, Audio & Video Production

We can add that extra layer of polish and wow factor to your business with Custom Graphic Design, Photography, Video Production, and Animations. 


You have a great big idea - but not a great big budget - we can produce a simple animation for you. Clearly and effectively communicate your message when words alone won't do it justice.  Get flashy animated intros, professional video production, jingles and theme songs, branding - everything you need to stand out and be recognizable in today's marketplaces. Our experts will ensure that your branding is highly visible across mediums - promoting awareness, increasing trust and loyalty while making you an industry authority. 



Video that explains it all.

Very persuasive content plays a major role in a marketing strategy. The most trending method is the use of short informative videos, as it’s an easy way for your customers to digest your content. People’s attention are drawn by information that is relayed without them having to think too hard to grasp the message.

Consumers seek entertainment and engagement and their short attention spans are being drawn in different directions by general business – they don’t want to read pages of information when they can consume and assess the same information in a 1-2 minute video.

Videos do not  only entertain, but they are persuasive elements  that engage the viewers as it builds a high level of trust for a particular brand. Videos are easy to distribute through social media and with the emergence of social applications like; SnapChat, Facebook and YouTube, they’re easily viewed on mobiles and tablets.

More importantly - if people like your videos, they’ll share them, expanding your overall reach! With so many videos going viral today, a well-produced video has the potential for quick consumption and lasting impressions.

Ending videos with a persuasive call to action increases conversion and directs viewers to your webpage. Finally, videos give your brand a face, creates brand recognition, connection, and trust. Videos eliminate doubt and solve problems, they don’t just show what you do, but how you do it – no other medium can do this as effectively as video.

Images & Branding

A distinct style is very important to creating a cohesive - professional - appearance. We make sure that your "Brand Values" translate across mediums. When your customers glance at your ad, banner or article, you want them to know without looking that it's your company. Your customers recognize the subtle but distinct cues. Adidas stuff stands out with it's distinct "triple stripe", Pontiac cars always have a split grille and Coca-Cola has their distinct bottle design. 

We can help you achieve the same "design language" that echoes through your marketing and products. We can either create an entirely new language, or let your existing branding and products speak to us and evolve it form there. Using Evocative designs, photos and styles we'll put your best foot forward.