Buffalo Chips – Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Introducing our newest digital marketing technique for Edmonton – Buffalo Chips!

Buffalo Chips add a new way to combine digital marketing and the real world.

How Do They Work?

Buffalo Chips work by broadcasting a message to nearby compatible smartphones. When a person comes in range a short message and a link will pop up as a notification on their phone. Give your customers a reason to click on your link and send them exactly where you want them to go. Show them your best deal, or a local offer. Combined with sales funnels Buffalo Chips have proven to be especially effective. Keep them at your business, in your vehicle, on your keychain, even take advantage of our “walker” service and hire someone in densely populated areas to carry your message! The possibilities are limitless.

A New Kind Of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing – Proximity Marketing

Buffalo Chips go beyond traditional digital advertising. You can find any number of creative methods to use them from “home information” beacons during an open house, to pub crawls and scavenger hunts. Wood Buffalo Design is here to help you in crafting the perfect digital marketing campaign.

We offer huge discounts the more buffalo chips you keep in service, and we also offer high power buffalo chips that require a constant power supply like A USB port or an outlet. These are great for more permanent, less portable applications like a retail outlet or restaurant. The standard Buffalo chips are small enough to stick almost anywhere, (about the size of a stack of 5 toonies) and have a self-contained battery that lasts for several months to a year.

Buffalo chips can have their message and link changed remotely, just fill out the change request form and we’ll make the changes at the start of the next business day.

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