Is Content Marketing Dead?

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Is Content Marketing DEAD?

In short, the answer is no, Google loves content marketing, but it loves particular content. what do I mean by that? Well, Google hates duplicate content and many websites suffer a penalty from having duplicate content on their site. A long time ago when people are building sites they would simply copy and paste content that they found on other sites and pawn it off as their own. This leads to a Google penalty and in turn, your page moves way down in the rankings.

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What can be done if some of the content on my site is duplicate?

We’ve been working with a local Duct Cleaning company in Edmonton that had a fair bit of duplicate content after they hired the wrong company to build their website, here’s what we did to limit the damage and start moving forward:

The first thought that webmasters often have is that they need to create canonical tags, robot.txt so that the pages are removed from crawling, or directly remove it from search results. We feel that what people are actually overlooking here though is that these pages are still driving traffic which could be revenue so we went with the expansion, not shrink mentality. We did not delete these Pages, they were ranking and bringing in traffic so we didn’t want to completely get rid of them, but we did have to freshen up the page with unique content.


What if I’m doing a complete site redesign, should I get rid of the content?

Many companies when they decide to do a complete web page redesign get rid of all their old content including, blog posts, articles, news articles, and any other content that they felt was out of date.  This is a major mistake, you will essentially be starting from scratch.  like in the example above where we were dealing with duplicate content there is going to be some great stuff here that is generating traffic and driving your rankings. You might need to rewrite some of this content and update it, but completely getting rid of it would be a mistake.


I’m a local business, should I write my content any differently for better results?

There are a few things that you can do as a local company to increase your search ranking I always thinking about local optimization. If you can write and naturally use subtopics like “near me, nearby, close by” and different variations of these phrases it is fantastic for local SEO. Also keep in mind that your most common user is going to be looking at your website on their mobile device, so having a mobile-first theme is very important. You want to make sure that your website loads very fast and is quick to capture the reader’s attention. Remember people are busy and even more so in a mobile-dominated world.  you need to quickly grab people’s attention with a short bit of text and images, Remember the goal is to get them to contact you for more information.


I have a long history of blogs, is there anything I can do to take advantage of that?

Absolutely, remember content is King, this has not changed. If you have a lot of blogs of related content to what you’re trying to Rank for then go back over those blogs and start linking to relevant pages, Or you can refresh the older content on these pages so that they are relevant today.



Content marketing is just one portion of a strong SEO strategy, Implementing some of the tactics above are going to help you improve your search ranking, traffic and ROI,  But remember changes in your website are not going to result in an immediate boost in search engine ranking, give it a bit of time to mature as they do work!

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