Digital Marketing Strategy

Why You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy


Digital Marketing StrategyWhat does a digital marketing strategy do for you? Increasingly, the best way to interact with customers is with digital marketing.Show off your goods on Instagram, tweet out time-sensitive info on Twitter, create calendar events and groups on Facebook, show off your business with short videos.

Mark them all with your unique branding.

WoodBuffalo Design is here to help you navigate the confusing online waters and connect you with your customers where it matters, and look good while doing it. We’ll teach you how to set up multiple online accounts, link them together, grow your followers, and make sure your prospective customers are looking at you.

From Restaurants to Realtors to Sports programs and car dealerships- it’s time to engage with your clientele on a more personal level, and engage with them on a very public level. It shows you care about their concerns, experience, and enjoyment! Get noticed and connect with digital marketing services from Wood Buffalo Design.


Digital marketing strategy =  more leads

Are you looking to drive more traffic and essentially leads to your business from your digital channels such as search engines, social media, and email marketing? Are digital marketing plans are designed to bring in more potential buyers to your marketing channels and convert these prospects into sales.

Digital marketing is simply marketing using digital tools. Strategy means that you thought it out and decided upon a direction you want to go. Put them together and you have a digital marketing strategy, which is a powerful, focused digital marketing effort designed to show results. digital marketing is essentially the opposite of outbound marketing such as Billboards, print ads, telemarketers Etc.

During our digital marketing strategy, we will essentially spy on competitors who are overthinking you currently for your service type end understand your client’s behaviors so we can better understand how they are ranking higher than you. We use this information so that we can develop a digital marketing plan and strategy that is ideal for your business.


During our research for your digital marketing strategy we do the following:

Digital Marketing StrategyFirst, we perform a client analysis

Who is your ideal client?
Where do they hang out online, what social media platforms did they use such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram?
What frustrations is your ideal candidate experiencing, what excites them?
How does your ideal client typically make a purchase?
What is it that you can provide for your ideal client that your competitors are not currently providing?
Secondly, we perform a competitive analysis

What are your competitors currently doing that is working for them ( what type of the ads are they running, we will look at their landing pages, their website, and their sales funnel)
Where are your competitors making mistakes and could improve?
What things are your competitors doing extremely well that you want to copy?
What content are they putting out that is getting a lot of attention for going viral?
What is the secret sauce that your client has that we can copy and improve on?
And finally, we will build a unique, profitable marketing strategy that will include landing pages, funnels and most importantly a plan of action.


How does the digital marketing strategy work?

The first thing we do is meet with you for a 2-hour consultation and discuss your business goals, we then develop a digital marketing strategy that we can execute on a monthly basis.

The strategy essentially Remains the Same every time and can be broken down into three parts:

Increase website Traffic using tools such as content marketing, SEO, PPC and social media marketing.
Now that your website is seeing much more traffic our goal is to convert that into leads. we use downloadable content offers, videos, and email forms.
Now that your sales funnel is full of leads we want to help you close the sale, we will help your sales team with data and tools that will allow them to close more leads sent their way.
What is all involved in a digital marketing strategy?
There are many components involved in developing a digital marketing strategy, different tactics are used together to create a powerful approach to building more leads.


Here are a few of the tactics used in our digital marketing strategy:

SEO or search engine optimization
content marketing ( article writing)
social media marketing
PPC marketing or pay per click
video production
website design
link building
infographic design
public relations
landing page design
call to action strategies
You can check this article from MOZ on “why digital marketing is so important for businesses today

Step 1
Identify your target audience.

The first step to getting a great social marketing campaign together is identifying your audience. These campaigns aren’t about building awareness – these campaigns are about sales. Who is going to be the most likely to buy your product? You want to focus your ad budget on high returns in the short term. Advertise your local business to only those who live or work in the area.

Step 3
Timing. Like most things, ad timing is key to success.

Nobody is ordering pizza for breakfast and gourmet coffees typically don’t fly out of a baristas hands at midnight. Timing your ad is key to capitalizing and turn those impressions into sales. Narrow your focus to advertising during specific windows. Advertise your pizza place in from the afternoon on, stop showing coffee shop ads before you close for the day. Advertise to Users based on searches, upcoming birthdays, time of day, month, year. We help you figure out when your ads will have the highest impact and then only advertise then.

Step 2
Details. Learning about your customer base.

You know better than anyone the times your business excels and the times it slows down. Maximize your productivity by anticipating your customers biggest needs. What Is a particular need you can fulfill for them right now? What can you offer to get their attention?

Step 4
Hook them. Get them to buy with a great offer.

Now you have your ads targeted to your “best bet” consumers give them just the right offer to hook them. Free birthday meals, happy hour specials, two-for-ones, this is the time to put your best offer out there. Use anything unique or special you can to get them to do business with you. By smartly showing your best offers to your best bet customers at just the right time you can turn them from just an “impression” into a sale with a very high rate of success.


Digital Marketing – It’s All About Being Found

Your online presence is only worth something if people can find it right? Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) helps drive as much organic traffic as possible to your website. Make sure that customers get to you when they’re in need with Pay Per Click (P.P.C.) advertising – buy the top ranking spot on search engines when someone in your target demographic searches. Pairing the two will help customers find you whenever they pull out their phone, tablet or laptop.

Custom Apps
Get a direct link to your customers with a custom Android or iOS app. Share files give info, let your members chat and more. Always be right at your customer’s fingertips with a slick application.

A new technique is revolutionizing how businesses market their products. The old marketing was about advertising, direct mail lists, and hoping for qualified leads. Today, Inbound Marketing is changing the face of traditional or outbound marketing, as it is not an interruptive strategy at all. It uses a “Pull Strategy”, where instead of reaching out to your customers, you attract them.
Its foundation lies in adding value to the users instead of bombarding them with marketing messages. With the power of social media and some great new digital tools, inbound marketing attracts ideal customers to you with content that satisfies their attention, curiosity, and commitment. By attracting the right prospects with the right content at the right time, inbound marketing will increase the quality of traffic that you can convert to revenue

Converting to leads!
Content offers, landing pages, forms, calls-to-action, thank-you pages, and contacts

We are committed to building a lasting relationship with your website visitors. Visitors are offered high-end contents in exchange for their email addresses. Usually, the contents are released to visitors in the form of a promotional eBook, manuals, newsletters or guides. Hence in the process of opting for the content and filling in their email address, they automatically become leads that are incorporated into your email marketing workflow

Engage and Delight!
Feedback forms, email workflows and newsletters, social media, and blogging

When you have Satisfied customers, this will keep them loyal to you and will essentially convert them into your brand ambassadors by telling others about you. These increases repeat sales and cross-sales. Eventually, the need for prospecting for new customers will decrease over time thanks to your EXISTING satisfied customers. They will be paramount to gaining referrals and bagging social reviews. Through inbound marketing, we will help you find new customers, but the relationship building doesn’t end there. By continuing to provide customers with valuable content, you are not only positioning yourself as an industry expert, but you’re also positioning yourself as a valuable resource who continues to provide value long past the sale.

Attracting Visitors
Blogs, social media, search engines, email, landing pages, social ads

Inbound relies on solving their problems or giving them valuable information first and building up engagement with them afterward. This value is provided in the form of useful content which helps the users in one or more ways. Then this content is pushed to users via social media and blog content. This ensures that your target customers preview the contents, most likely finds them useful, then goes ahead to click through into the website to learn more. This alone is the key move in driving website traffic and positioning your brand as a trusted industry authority.

Close The Deal
Email workflows, sales communication, and additional valuable content

The instant visitors become a lead they form an integral part of your email marketing workflow. The generated workflow serves as a source for us to nurture leads through your funnel with scheduled communication and additional valuable content. At every section of this funnel, your contents become relevant to customers’ requests, and from analytics, we will be able to deduce when prospects are ready to purchase. Inbound marketing relies on solving their problems or giving them valuable information first and building up engagement with them afterward.


Our Discoveries Through Digital Marketing Strategy

We find new methods.

From our years of experience, we have been able to develop key strategies, and align ads with the best digital platforms to reach your current customers and ideal prospective customers. We have developed our strategies for your digital campaigns to drive awareness or revenues depending on your needs.

Digital Marketing Experience
Our Digital Marketing methods are proven with our own businesses.
Our analysis has shown proven results to grow your online awareness and turn clicks into revenue. Engage your audience at every point in the sales funnels with captivating digital ads designed to grab that first click. Follow that up and lead your new potential customers down the path to conversion.

Our Creativity
Our Team has a great deal of creativity crammed into just a handful of human beings. Our core group is made up of Inventors, Entrepreneurs, Builders, Makers, Modders, Designers, Geeks, Artists, Adventurers, Hobbyists and all around nice people who have applied our strengths on projects to complete them in unique and highly successful ways.

We create ad campaigns by combining the best available digital marketing techniques within your budget. Online presence often has less than a second to turn an impression into an action – Our creative team will work on your brand, and take full advantage of that precious time with original, persuasive and action-enticing content.