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Edmonton Chiropractor Marketing

Edmonton Chiropractor – The following text is simply a sample text written for the purpose of Edmonton Chiropractor SEO services and not for Chiropractic Care. 


Edmonton Chiropractor MarketingI’m going to explain to you a little bit about what chiropractic. (Edmonton Chiropractor) Most people ask what is chiropractic, so hopefully I can help you out here. Chiropractic is one of the fastest growing healthcare professions in the world. If not, the fastest. It is a natural healthcare system. Basically what it is it’s based on the influence that we know that the muscular-skeletal system has on the nervous system. The nervous system is actually the part of the brain that controls everything in the body. The brain controls everything in a body through a connection

The nervous system is actually the part of the brain that controls everything in the body. The brain controls everything in a body through a connection of nerves that go down to through the spinal column and out to every part of the body. It’s a scientific fact, it’s scientifically proven, that when there’s a problem with the spine, then the nerves that come out there at that level of the spine cannot work right.

In chiropractic, what we do is we actually locate the part of the spine that has a problem, that’s not working right, making the correction and make it start working right. Then we know that the actual nervous system itself, the nerves that come out there will start working right as well. Of course, there are other things that come into play.

Now, subluxation to a lot of people just simply means something less than a complete dislocation. In chiropractic, what we look at is as. We actually add a lot more to it than that. There’s more to it than something else than a complete dislocation. There are 5 other components that we associate with the subluxation. For instance, there’s the inflammation in scar tissue involved when you have an injury to a joint like that. Of course, when you have any of that it changes the motion. The joint doesn’t move like it’s supposed to anymore. Then we also have muscle spasms around the area to try to splint the area and that kind of thing. Most importantly, there’s the nerve interference portion of it.

Edmonton Chiropractor Marketing


Basically, what we talk about is like I mentioned before, when you have a joint in the spine here that isn’t working like it’s supposed to, the nerves that exit out right there aren’t going to move right or work right either. These nerves actually go to every organ and tissue in the entire body. All of this stuff is controlled by the brain through this communication of the nervous system. I like to relate that to say, for instance, cell phones.

Edmonton Chiropractic Services

When our patient first comes to our office, one of the first things we find out is which bones, what we need to move. What we’ll do is we’ll go do an examination. We’ll do an x-ray to determine which bones might be out of place and which might be putting some pressure on the nerve to remove the stress of that nerve and the organ that it’s going to. We’ll do an x-ray and we’ll determine if it’s normal. That happens occasionally and there’s wellness care. If it’s phase one, phase two, and phase three of degeneration, then we’ll set up a treatment plan. Whether it’s going to be initial intensive care, rehabilitative care or wellness care. Then we’ll sit down with our staff and we’ll sit down with the patient and we’ll really get an understanding of a plan of action to treat them and better serve their lives as well as increase the quality of their life overall into wellness care. Edmonton Chiropractor

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