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Google Is Not The Only Ad Platform – Welcome To Social Media Ad Management

Facebook Ad ManagementWhat can Social Media ad management do for you? It allows you to build up your social media community on Facebook and other social media platforms using hyper-targeted advertising that is both relevant, engaging, and effective.

Facebook is the world’s largest social media network with 1.19 billion people using the service it is essential for a business to build a community of followers and build your Market reach to obtain more exposure that you can convert into sales. Are Facebook add experts are able to increase your online traffic and conversions using sponsored stories and display ads.

Understanding Facebook ads targeting is essential if you want to run a successful campaign. much like Google AdWords if you do it incorrectly you could waste a substantial amount of money.

What is Facebook Advertising?


Simply put Facebook cannot be ignored by advertisers any longer, it is the most widely used app in North America with over a hundred and thirty million unique users. Facebook is also the second most visited website in the world. The average user gives more information freely to Facebook than almost anybody else. it is one of the world’s largest personal data repositories. this enables 

Facebook the ability to give information to marketers for specific demographics that they want to Target. the targeting options on Facebook are phenomenal they include things such as:

  1. Gender
  2. Language
  3. Age
  4. Ethnicity
  5. Income
  6. Homeownership
  7. Education level
  8. Parental status
  9. Net worth
  10. User interest
  11. Employer
  12. And maybe most important purchase behaviors

All this data means that they are able to provide Facebook ad management companies with wide and diverse targeting options all based on the activities of their users, and their third-party data.

Facebook ad management companies are given powerful tools to reach audiences who already show an interest in your product or service, and this can be done in a very cost-effective method. This means a greater ROI for you.


Wood Buffalo design has proven Social Media Ad Management strategies that will help you:

  1. Find the optimal ad type to maximum exposure
  2. Craft a compelling message
  3. Target your optimal customer
  4. Work out the best schedule and budget
  5. Decipher your Social Media advertising Analytics so that you can see what is working in real-time and make recommendations for improvements

Wood Buffalo’s Facebook ad management plan

  1. It all starts with an initial consultation with one of our Social Media strategist’s
  2. We create a Social Media ad including a deployment schedule
  3. We then create custom graphics designed specifically for Social Media Platforms


For more information on Social Media Ad Management program please contact us at 587-336-9965 or email [email protected]


Facebook Marketing Programs Are Critical To Business Growth


Get Found Online Social Media


In today’s social media world it is a must for every growing business to have a presence on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Wood Buffalo design offers marketing programs that make it easy for you to get started today.

Most business owners don’t know where to start when it comes to social media, don’t have the time or resources within their company to deploy social media. they are not social media experts and don’t want to be.

This is where would Buffalo design comes in, we are a certified Social Media Marketing Group with a proven track record for building a business following on the different platforms.

How does our Facebook marketing program work?

Step 1:  We build you a Facebook page and strategy plan

  1. it all starts with a consultation between the Facebook strategist and The Business, during the 2-hour consultation we learn what you’re social media marketing goals are
  2. we build a Facebook business page or take your existing page and improve on it
  3. Using our professional graphic designers we will create profile pictures and cover photos for your page. We do 12 cover images and change them up monthly.
  4. We set up a custom Google page such as

Facebook Marketing Can Be The Difference Between Success And Failure In Business Today!

Step 2: Account management and monthly marketing

  1. We will create a monthly content calendar and engagement plan
  2. We will perform up to 25 text or image Facebook posts every month
  3. Your cover photo will be changed once per month for company promotions or offers
  4. We will monitor and delete any unwanted spam posts
  5. We will send you daily notifications of any inquiries to your Facebook page
  6. We do offer an optional Facebook ad campaign Management Service ( this is not included in this plan)

Step 3:  Once a month consultation with a Facebook strategy expert

  1. We will have a scheduled content plan that is updated monthly by a certified Facebook manager
  2. We will provide your staff with 1 hour per month of group training (up to 5) or one-on-one training
  3. We will brainstorm and review your company’s promotions and offers to help with cover photo preparation.

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter can make the difference for a business that is trying to gain new customers. Wood Buffalo Design knows the fastest ways to build a strong Facebook Marketing Program so that your business can prosper.