Local SEO

First things first what is local SEO?

Local SEO differs from traditional SEO because it is a process of optimizing your website four geographical searches. Local search engine optimization will help online, outrank competitors in your marketplace, build your organic traffic and get you more local qualified leads.

Local SEO Edmonton search engine optimizationWhy is local SEO so important?

When you type a search query into Google or Bing the listings typically come up in this order:

  1. PPC advertising for pay per click
  2. Local listings courtesy of a map pack
  3. Organic listings do to good SEO services

So this means that if you are not paying for advertising using the pay per click method such as Google Adwords, then your best opportunity of being spotted quickly is with local listings such as the map pack. pretty much for any service, you will look up on Google you will get at least three businesses that show up in the Map Pack.  these listings are large, have reviews, direct links to your website, and mobile users will have the ability to call you directly from the listing.

Because local listing shows up before organic listings your company will see a better click-through rate then if it only showed up in organic searches, this will bring in many more potential customers.


Local SEO brings in more business

Local SEO - Search Engine optimization

Every successful SEO campaign has to include local SEO, it is critical for a small business looking for more leads and sales from clients live in their direct area. Local SEO has essentially replaced the phone book! Over the past several years the number of phone calls a company will receive from newspaper ads, Yellow Pages, or other print materials has drastically dwindled. a solid local SEO campaign will help you more relevant leads either by phone call or your contact form on your website. The best thing about map pack listings is that it does not cost anything for placement, it is solely determined by your SEO abilities.


Your business needs a local SEO strategy to prosper

According to search engine land nearly half of all  Google’s search queries are based on local intent. This can have a major impact on your business, everyday potential customers are turning to the internet searching for local services in their area. You can be found first with a good local SEO strategy. This means more phone calls and visits to your website.


Should you hire a local SEO company?

Most small business owners have to wear many hats while running their business. You have to deal with the day-to-day operations of running the company, issues that come up throughout the day, and still find time for your family. This doesn’t leave much free time to add on another task. You have to ask yourself do you have time to educate yourself on on how to rank successfully with local SEO and keep up with the changing demands of the search engines?  if you answered with an astounding no than yes you should hire a local SEO company. We can help with that!

Wood Buffalo design is an internet marketing company that specializes in both local SEO and organic SEO services. Our goal is to see our clients listings in both the map pack and high up on organic searches. We can change the course of your business by increasing the viewership of your information.


What is our local SEO process?

Here at will Buffalo design, We offer several services to help your businesses local SEO campaign. some of these are:


Performing a local competitor audit

  1. We first perform a market analysis within your service area
  2. We audit local competitors who are of ranking you online for the same services
  3. We perform a keyword analysis, Track monthly search volumes for your local area


Monitor and build local citations

  1. We will perform an audit of all your current citations
  2. We  create new citations
  3. We Monitor your local listings and citations making sure they are all


Writing and publishing localized content

  1. Our first course of action will be keyword research so we fully understand what the local clients are searching for in regards to your services
  2. We write and publish website content that is locally targeted And will improve your local search rank
  3. Schema markups are added to your website, this improves your local business listing, it also makes local refuse show up more prominent insert results


Manage and optimize Google my business (Google+)

  1. If you haven’t already done so we will clean your Google Maps listing
  2. we optimize your Google’s NAP or name, address, phone number for your Google my business page.
  3. Your service hours and services offered will be optimized on Google my business
  4. We will optimize your Google my business page for backlinks


Track your local SEO campaign

  1. We keep a close eye on your keyword rankings, Leads, organic traffic and more
  2. We monitor your competitor’s keyword rankings
  3. Continuously that we can optimize your campaign for better performance over time


The time is now to get started on local SEO

Don’t delay on getting started with a local SEO strategy, your customers are searching your services right now, let Wood Buffalo Design help you come up before your competition.