Mobile SEO & Responsive Websites = Small Business Success

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Mobile SEO & Responsive Websites

Mobile SEO – Since its  Inception, the internet has grown by Leaps and Bounds and continues to evolve the world around us, including small business. What is the first thing that people do in the morning? they look at their phones. In an era that is driven by the technology we are always connected to the internet, in fact, very few of us can say that we go more than a few hours let alone a whole day without looking at our phones or being connected to the internet in some other way.


So what does all this mean to the small business owner?

Mobile SEO - Search Engine optimization

As more people gain access to the internet they start to search for services/products/information and the business that is able to attract the most searches has the ability to grow at an unbelievable rate. The art of putting your business in front of your target audience is called search engine optimization or SEO for short. More people access the internet now using their cellular devices than desktops, so mobile SEO is more important now than it is ever been.


Internet marketing and its importance in the modern world

Internet marketing plays a critical role in the success or failure of a business in the modern world, So let’s look at some statistics about internet marketing.

In a recent HubSpot study, they found the 51% of mobile users discovered a company they didn’t know existed before performing a Google search. And as many as 48% of all consumers will consult with a search engine before making a purchasing decision.  Google is by far the most powerful and popular search engine for researching brands, companies,  Products, and services.

What all this means to you as a small business is mobile users are your primary customer. it’s true the most people used to search the internet using a desktop browser but as mobile phones get more powerful with better graphics and faster speeds more people are turning to their mobile devices for searching. Without internet marketing your company’s website might never be found, you won’t even be in the conversation when it comes to deciding on a service company provider. According to Statista Global smartphone users will reach to .32 billion this year as Internet access becomes available in more areas and data prices to decrease.


A few facts about mobile SEO


  • The use of mobile phones for searching the internet surpass desktops in 2016: Most people think that the use of cellphones for searching the internet is a new thing, but the truth is the mobile phones surpassed desktops in 2016 as the number one device for accessing the internet.
  • SEO strategy for mobile devices isn’t that much different from their current SEO plans: Many people and companies believe that they have to completely change their search engine strategy when it comes to mobile devices. this is not the case. You can optimize a current Search Engine Optimization strategy with a mobile-first approach fairly quickly and easier than you think. There are definitely some differences between traditional SEO and mobile SEO, but the changes do not take that much time to implement.
  • When writing headlines they need to be more captivating: Search engine content marketing has long been a staple of SEO strategies, companies today need to construct their headlines so that they are quickly captivating. People are generally browsing on much smaller devices than in the past so keeping your headlines short and sweet is very important.
  • When building a website different screen sizes must be kept in mind: We browse the internet on many different size devices, this means that you must optimize your website so that it has a mobile version and offers the same responsiveness as a full-sized site.  most website building software today has an automatic mobile version due to the fact that Google gives more relevance two sites the feature different resolutions.
  • How fast your website loads is extremely important for mobile SEO: People today are in a hurry and people using their mobile phones are even more so. Google has said time and time again the importance of loading speed.




First, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to not forget about your desktop users, even though the majority of people that are searching the internet today are using mobile devices there are still a great number of people that are using desktop devices. it is true you should take a mobile first approach when planning your SEO strategy but don’t forget about the desktop.  The world is evolving quickly and so is the internet. a business today is going to be less successful if it doesn’t have a strong internet presence, in some cases this could even lead to business failure. Gone are the days where advertising was just a matter of taking an ad out in a local newspaper, a radio ad, or if you could afford it a television ad. all of these forms of advertising have been surpassed by the internet and now mostly searched by mobile users. SEO plays a major role in the success or failure of your business, don’t treat it lightly, get the proper help that you need to develop both a beautiful, functional website but also one that has a strong SEO strategy so that your website can be found.


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