Inbound Marketing

Increasingly, the best way to interact with customers is on social media by taking advantage of Hyper Targeted Advertising.Show off your goods on instagram, tweet out time sensitive info on twitter, create calendar events and groups on facebook.

Mark them all with your unique branding.

WoodBuffalo Design is here to help you navigate the confusing online waters and connect you to your customers where it matters, and look good while doing it. We’ll teach you how to set up multiple online accounts, link them together, grow your followers, and make sure your prospective customers are looking at you.

From Restaurants to Vacation spots to Sports programs – it’s time to engage with your clientele on a more personal level, and engage with them on a personal, very public level. It shows you care about their concerns, experience and enjoyment!

Wood Buffalo Design’s Inbound Marketing
Our Process
Step 1
Identify Your Target Audience. Identify who is the most likely to use your services, or identify the need your service fulfills!

Step 3
Hyper Targeted ads are then shown to your prospective customers. They are a bit more expensive per ad than traditional online advertising, but the results speak for themselves, with a much higher click through rate than other types of advertising.

Step 2
Find out what metrics can be used to identify them online. Sometimes it’s as simple as punching in an age range, sometimes you need to punch down deep to really find your ideal customer.

We call this “Hyper Targeting”

Step 4
Now it’s time for you to capitalize! Use those hyper targeted ads to show your customer an offer that they simply cannot resist, and will make contact. Use that valuable lead to build your customer base with new customer and loyal repeat customers.