Social Media Marketing

Wood Buffalo design – Social media marketing 


Here at Wood Buffalo design one of our Specialties is driving business growth with social media marketing strategic models. Our goal is to make this process easy for small and medium-sized businesses comment giving them The Leverage on various social platforms to gain new business leads, drive more traffic, expand their clientele reach, and convert more sales.

Social media marketing is about building brand awareness, promoting products and services, and gained engagements with customers and potential customers. Our experts continuously develop proven SMM  strategies that do just that.


Social Media MarketingWhat Can Social Media Marketing Do For You? 

  1. Generate more leads
  2. Connect and engage with customers
  3. Drive more web traffic
  4. Build brand awareness
  5. Get targeted referrals
  6. Expand your market reach
  7. Reduce marketing costs
  8. Convert more sales




Social media audit


By having Wood Buffalo design perform a social media audit it will provide you with many benefits including:  

  1. Focused and precise goals for your social media marketing
  2. Proven strategies for Engagement and referral generation
  3. Ability to measure and increase your social media marketing ROI
  4. Find out what social media platforms best suit your business type

The overall goal of a social media audit is to gain perspective of where you are today and build a roadmap to your success in social media marketing.


Social media management

Having a social media presence is a necessity for today’s business owner, but it does come with some challenges. the main challenges we Face from our clients are:

  1. Not sure how to start and effectively build leads, row traffic, and convert sales.
  2. Staff resources are not available or have the knowledge on how to manage their social media  initiatives
  3. Don’t want to learn how to become social media experts or have the time

Our experts have the ability, experience, and proven track record building business growth on social media platforms. If your social marketing initiatives are a challenge let us manage them for you so that you can do what you’re best at –  running in your business.


Our  social media management Services include:

  1. strategic planning and development with monthly goal setting
  2. We will build a Content calendar a month in advance and post to the appropriate pages
  3. Building engagement with your clients,  this is where we reply to questions, Direct clients to appropriate people encourage engagement, build an online reputation for your business.