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Video SEO Could Be The Answer To Doubling Your Traffic

Video SEO could be exactly what you need to double your traffic! Are you looking to double your traffic for your website this…
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SEO relevant content marketing

Is Content Marketing Dead?

Is Content Marketing DEAD? In short, the answer is no, Google loves content marketing, but it loves particular content. what do I mean by…
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Local SEO - Search Engine optimization

Mobile SEO & Responsive Websites = Small Business Success

Mobile SEO & Responsive Websites Mobile SEO - Since its  Inception, the internet has grown by Leaps and Bounds and continues to evolve…
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Local SEO Edmonton search engine optimization

What Is SEO? – Why Is It So Important To Your Business?

What is SEO? In 2001 Danny Sullivan used the term search engine marketing to describe methods being used to be found on the…
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