Video SEO Could Be The Answer To Doubling Your Traffic

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Video SEO could be exactly what you need to double your traffic!

Are you looking to double your traffic for your website this year? Video SEO might be exactly what you need.

Over the past couple years video marketing has grown by Leaps and Bounds and according to recent studies, it is expected to make even larger gains. Cisco Has stated Approximately 80% of all internet consumption is going to be video content,  End between now and 2021 internet video traffic is going to triple. If you’ve been thinking about incorporating video into your SEO content strategy now is the time.  did you know that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine? It’s time to start optimizing your content for this amazing, virtually untapped opportunity.

Content Is The SEO King but videos can double your traffic

Video SEO Edmonton video marketingWe all know that content is King when it comes to ranking high in Google, we have invested numerous hours in creating relative articles to increase the value of our website. anyone to get their website to the top of the world’s number one knows Just how Fierce the competition is. In fact, ranking anywhere on page one of Google is extremely difficult on its own.  Not every article is going to rank well, but to maximize articles you have already written, simply need to turn these articles into Videos and publish them to YouTube. YouTube has an active user base of over 1 billion people, it is the second largest search engine in the world and worth investing some of your time to get videos ranked highly.


Video SEO marketing is probably the largest untapped source of traffic available today


Video SEO is a little bit different then trying to optimize for Google, but if it is done correctly you’re going to see its amazing results and a huge amount of traffic. You don’t even really need hi organic ranking as most traffic is generated from browsing and recommendations. The whole goal of marketing videos is to keep people watching your videos for a longer period of time, if you do this correctly YouTube will promote you for free.


Your website is already a massive source of information for video content, all you need to do is turn articles that you have already written into YouTube videos. find a list of your top performing article, the ones that get the most interaction end use those in videos.  Research as to what your competitors are doing, the videos that are successful for them are going to be successful for you as well. rewrite content based on the same subject and you should see similar results. 1 Pro tip is to take your ideas and run them through YouTube autocomplete process, this will provide you with the most relevant topics. YouTube will use a very complex algorithm to determine a quality video, however, the two most important factors are watch time and engagement. the longer you can keep people watching a video on your site the better.


Create engaging headlines and thumbnails for your video 


Spend a little time learning the tricks of the trade when it comes to creating a great headline and a captivating thumbnail, this will go a long way and getting people to click on your videos versus someone else’s of a similar topic. Search Engine Optimization


Make sure to include your best content in the first 15 seconds of your video, this is key to keeping the viewer engaged. Sometimes it helps to provide a teaser right at the beginning of the videos so that it will let you know what the video is about and what they can expect to learn.  Your video should always ask the viewers to comment, like your video, and subscribe to your Channel. you’d be amazed how many people will actually take action because you haven’t asked them versus when you just let the video end. Make sure that you include an end screen that will promote more of your videos and your Channel.

Here is a video that we did for Edmonton Furnace Cleaning company Home Pros Group and it is having great results.


For more information about how you can create captivating videos keep your customers coming back For more, Like this video, subscribe to our Channel, and contact us today. We are an Edmonton SEO company.


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