Website Audit – A Critical Factor For Online Success

What is a website audit?

Website AuditTo put it simply a website audit is everything that is related to visibility when it comes to someone searching for your website.  A website audit provides a detailed understanding of why you are not generating the traffic you think you should, and why sales conversions are low.


Why not just use an automated website audit?

If you search for website audit software online you’re going to find many automated SEO tools where you can perform the audit yourself. And sometimes when you visit SEO or web development company websites they will have a “what is your SEO score” Fillable form were you just add in your  URL and in a few minutes you have a report the looks great and has some awesome information! These tools can be useful for an overview of your website but they are truly used as a lead generation for SEO companies and not a true website audit. Typically if you want to use these tools you must enter your email address where a report will be sent to.

Tools such as these do not provide true website  audit and don’t really give you any true value in what you need to do to fix and improve traffic and conversions.


Why do you need a website audit?

Search engines such as Google and Bing are constantly changing their algorithm on how they calculate search results and where your website is going to show up. They are  interested in relevant results for their users.  website SEO used to be fairly simple, you would add keywords, title tags, relevant content, header tags along with a few backlinks and your website would be ranked fairley high.  Those days are long gone!

Today there are hundreds of factors that affect search engine rankings and they are constantly changing as search engines make an effort to improve their search results.

When you have a website audit performed it will analyze top ranking factors and make sure that your website is in compliance.

Here are some of the most recent additions new website ranking factors:

  1. Site speed
  2. Mobile responsiveness
  3. Relevant content
  4. Site authority and authority backlinks
  5. Schema markups

Some of the questions that you must ask yourself about your website are:

  1. how many backlinks do you have?
  2. Do you have schema markup code built into your website?
  3. Is your website mobile-friendly?
  4. How fast does your website load?
  5. Do you have broken links on your website?
  6. Are there any meta issues with your website?

And truly the list goes on, this is just a few of the ranking factors that the search engines are looking for  to achieve proper optimization. If you are not able to answer the questions above then you need a website audit!


What is included during the website audit?

Most website audits are quite long, some as much as 20 to 30 pages! They include things such as:

  1. On-site audit –  this review is an analysis of all your web pages, making sure you’re using proper keywords in important areas such as your (H1- H6 tags, your content,  and your title tags to name a few)
  2. Technical audit –  this portion of the audit is to make sure that your website is coded properly and loads fast
  3. Off-site audit – We will analyze all of your backlinks and anchor text well checking Authority and Trust of the websites link into you
  4. Social audit –  recently search engines have put a lot of reputation and ranking weight based on your businesses social reputation. we will review all your mentions and visibility


What Are The Benefits Of A Website Audit?

  1. Better SEO – Did you know that Google makes approximately 500 changes to its search algorithm every year? This means that what works now in terms of SEO might not work next year, or even next week. proper SEO methods will focus on providing the user with the best experience possible and look after search engines second. Is Google’s goal to serve up the most relevant and user-friendly websites possible,  if the user experience is not at the Forefront on your website you will have a high bounce rate and low repeat visitors. This is something that Google frowns upon and will use against you. Having a good website audit for formed we’ll both look at your SEO and your user experience so that you can find the proper balance that keeps both Google and your customers happy.
  2. Better conversion rates – Most websites are designed to bring a company sales, a website audit examines your landing pages, Your content, and any call to actions that you might have and ensures their maximum conversion rate. Figuring out exactly what gives you the best conversions is not a simple process and can take months to complete. with a good website audit and strategic planning, testing, and continued analysis you should see an increase in your ROI. Combine this with a good social media marketing strategy and you have a winning formula.
  3. Increased organic search results – The first step in increasing your organic search results is understanding what you’re trying to rank for. Having a solid keyword strategy is step one, you must understand what your competition is trying to rank for and develop on-page SEO that includes your target keywords in specific areas of the code. search engine such as Google and Bing will determine what you are trying to rank your website for based on its content and the on page optimization of your website. A good website audit needs to have keyword research which is then built into your on-page SEO and off site marketing.


If you have never had a website audit or it’s been a long time, NOW is the time to get one!

How Often Should A Website Audit Be Performed?

A website audit should be performed at least once every year, what worked yesterday with the search engines might not work today. Even minor changes that seemed relatively unimportant can have a massive impact on your site’s search rankings and conversions.

Google changes their algorithm about 500 – 600 times per year. Check this article

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