What Is SEO? – Why Is It So Important To Your Business?

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What is SEO?

What is SEOIn 2001 Danny Sullivan used the term search engine marketing to describe methods being used to be found on the Internet. Search engine optimization or SEO relates to how websites and other online products are found and listed with search engines for unpaid organic results.

Today SEO is so important to everyday companies because the days of opera marketing such as television, radio, billboards, and printouts play second fiddle to the Internet. More people today use Google to research and find products that they are looking for then all the other forms of marketing combined.

So it stands to reason that SEO is one of the fastest growing and most important job categories in the world today. Everyone from giant corporations to small service companies use the Internet to attract new customers.

SEO Always Changing

SEO is always changing, falling behind can be catastrophic for your website and in turn your business. Just in the past 10 years alone, we have seen a changing of the guard, many new businesses that are now at the top of the search engine results and reaping the rewards. Companies that did not pay enough attention to SEO and kept their focus on traditional marketing methods such as television, radio, billboards and print advertising soon found themselves falling behind their competitors in market share.

The companies that are rising to dominance today are the ones who take SEO seriously and continue to revolve their business as search engine optimization rules change. It is simply the most direct way to reach your customers.

SEO for growth

Planning your SEO strategy is critical for a company’s growth. In the modern marketing era, there is no other single media the comes remotely close to the Internet for generating business leads and sales. Having your company show up at the top or near the top of page 1 on a Google search is determining critical to a company’s growth.

The whole purpose of marketing is to be discovered in a positive light, using social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube along with search engine optimization is how today’s companies are discovered and judged in the eyes of the consumer.

This is not just for B2C businesses but also B2B, in a recent study of over 2000 business purchasers, it was discovered that over 52% of them had already made a purchase decision before calling a supplier. These purchasers completed their research on both products and companies before actively looking to purchase.

Example Of A Poor SEO Plan

A furnace cleaning company has a budget of $2500 per month for radio advertising, but they do not have any budget for SEO or Google ad words. A potential consumer is driving home after work and they hear the radio ad for furnace cleaning, they realize that it is starting to get colder outside and it is time to have their home furnace cleaned. Upon arriving home, the consumer looks up furnace cleaning companies on the Internet because they can’t remember the name of your company they heard on the radio 45 minutes ago. During their search, they do not find your furnace cleaning company but they do look at three of your competitors who have a healthy monthly SEO budget and appear at the top of a Google search. It is likely that this consumer will go with one of those companies.

Although it is your marketing money the produced the radio ad and got the consumer thinking about furnace cleaning, the job went to one of your competitors because they better understand the current marketing trends.

Thanks For Reading

To close this chapter off, if you do not show up in a Google search on the first page near the top, you virtually do not exist to more than 90% of the population. Traditional forms of marketing are losing their steam, television, radio, billboard, and print advertising no longer have the desired effect that they once did. The consumer now chooses to do research and make purchase decisions on sites they trust such as Google, Bing, YouTube, and Facebook.

I hope that you see the value in this post and realize that SEO should be at the top of your marketing budget.

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My name is Keith Wick, I am local entrepreneur mostly in the specialty cleaning industries, such as Commercial Duct Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Exhaust Hood Cleaning and HVAC Remediation services. I started Wood Buffalo Design to be the in-house branch of marketing for all the other companies, recently we decided to allow Wood Buffalo to live it’s own life and started taking on customers for SEO, Proximity Marketing, Landing Pages, and other inbound marketing services.

My other interests include cryptocurrency, renewable energy, artificial intelligence, and futurism. You can read my personal blog at keithwick.net


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